From the Board

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January President’s Letter

Our first major snowstorm (and power outage) of the season, made me realize that we need to be concerned with not only our own needs but also those of our neighbors during an event like this. If you enjoy the benefit of a back-up generator or wood-burning stove, take a moment to check on your neighbor to see that they are also safe and warm. And, if you’re like me and need to go to work no matter what the weather, see if your neighbors need groceries or medications which you could pick up while out. I like being a part of a community that is caring for each other and would encourage you to get involved. It could be something as simple as shoveling a driveway, cleaning off a car, or picking up the mail for your neighbor.

Another way I encourage everyone to care for our neighborhood is with regard to the roads. While residents volunteer their time to maintain the roads, something as simple as obeying the posted speed limit of 15 MPH can make all the difference in the funds we need to spend on yearly upkeep. Following the speed limit also means that our neighbors walking their dogs or out walking with their children are also safe.

Just a reminder that you’ll be receiving your Annual Dues Notice this month. The annual dues collected by Orchid Lake Estates are used for the maintenance (mowing, roadwork, snow plowing, beaches, dam, etc.) and upkeep/improvement of our public facilities. Please remember that as a resident and/or lot owner, you have use of OLE roads and all facilities, so it’s important that dues are paid in a timely manner. If you experience difficulty in meeting your obligation, you can set up a payment plan. Details will be included with your dues notice. 

Finally, the January Board of Directors’ meeting will be held on January 22, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom. For details on how to connect, email

Stay safe and healthy,

Debbie Blanchard, President

December President’s Letter

Welcome to a chilly and breezy December! As we recover from our Thanksgiving feasts and start looking ahead to the holidays, for many it’s often a time of reflection and resolutions for the new year. As I look forward to 2022, there is one commitment I want to make to you as the President of the Orchid Lake Homeowners Association.

All Board meetings are open to the public and the dates of meetings will be posted on the website and at the mailboxes. In addition, any actions taken by the Board will be shared with residents and lot owners through our newsletter, mailings or on our website. By being transparent in all decisions made for the benefit of Orchid Lake, it’s my hope that residents and lot owners will feel a part of our community.

What I’m asking from you in return is to be open to the changes you will be seeing and be willing to step up and become involved in a committee, event or project. Currently, there are several committees (a list can be found in our Annual Minutes on the website). The Community Involvement Committee is also planning several events for the upcoming year and will need volunteers to lead and work at these events. And, if you have ideas for the benefit of the Orchid Lake community, please let a Board member know or email Together, we can build the type of community that we all will enjoy.

Next year, Orchid Lake will be celebrating its 60th anniversary as a Homeowners Association in October 2022. We’re looking for ideas on ways to celebrate this milestone. You can submit your ideas by email to

Finally, I want to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year!

Debbie Blanchard, President

November President’s Letter

As the new President of the Orchid Lake Board of Directors, I would first like to thank Kathie Cavendish for her many years of service as President. Kathie has been a guiding force in many of the projects here at the lake, and we look forward to her continuing contributions.

One of the things that I’m excited about in becoming President is the direction that our Board is headed. Our focus is to become more of a community rather than just residents in a subdivision. Over the coming months, you’ll be hearing about new committees and opportunities to share your skills and talents for the benefit of Orchid Lake.

I would encourage you to visit our website – – frequently. All updates and information on how to participate in activities will be available on the website. Also, if you haven’t provided us with your email address, you can also do that on the website using the Contact Form. We are looking to create an Orchid Lake Newsletter, which will be sent via email. So, don’t miss out and register your email today.

Finally, as we look forward to gathering with our families for Thanksgiving, the Board and I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Debbie Blanchard, President